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Best Selling Binocular reviews

Welcome to our exclusive site for buying your binoculars. We have an immense array of binoculars categorised based on brands and types. For every occasion to enjoy nature, we have different types of binoculars such as bird watching, astronomy, marine, observation and travel. You would be surprised to see the huge collection of binoculars, which has the structure to slip in to your hands and at the same time offers less eyestrain.

Lens magnification is something vital for a binocular and we know that perfectly, hence we have split the types as per magnification order like 8 x, 16x, 25x, 12x, 20x and 15x. The viewing experience is something, which determines the overall quality of the binocular, which we have incorporated in all the reviews. Besides, for a very refined view with respect to price you get the choice of selecting between the various prices ranges of below £50, £100 to £200, and £200 to £500 and above £500. You can also find numerous structural variations with respect to the finish and dimensions.

Many specialised binoculars like waterproof ones, digital camera binoculars offer the consumer better selection capacity. You can find more in-depth information regarding binoculars in our buying guide.

Sony DEV-5 Digital Recording Binocular Review

Astonishing are the products of this leading brand Sony. In a manner of creating revolution they have innovated Sony DEV-5 Digital Recording Binocular which is digital optical sports device that comes with the video recording and photography. It also consists of dual electronic view finder. Living with such a device lets you enjoy the observation to the fullest along with the preservation of memories. This model also gives features for better convenience which are discussed in the following review.


At the most reasonable price tag this binocular fits the observation of birding, wildlife, sports observation along with taking photos and videos. It also seems to be in the right track when you look into the technical aspects. It is possible to see and record the entire distant object with high definition. Images get steady with even the maximum magnification. Further the zooming and auto focusing features also go the right manner.

Sony DEV-5 Digital Recording Binocular

Features and Functions:

Recording – In just the touch of the button the recording function starts and it is also possible to view in the 3D mode for the dramatic results. It can also get the photo mode and viewing the picture is possible with the HDMI connectivity to the HD television.

Sensor – The presence of Dual Exmor CMOS sensor gives crisper and better recording. It does have a pair of high sensitivity image captures.

Ergonomic Features – The presence of adjustable eye cups which gives a clear view by adjusting the eye separation. It also consists of microphone jack which helps to bring out clear and better sounds. When the recordings are done directly to the memory car it can be removed and viewed in other devices.

Technical Details:

Although the features give a better opening to impress the users, it is still more important to understand the technical details of Sony DEV-5 20x Binocular  which can be understood by the experienced gamers.

Lens – This model is equipped with the G Lens type which has the focal ratio ranging from F1.8 to F3.4. It allows to set the magnification up to 20x and is also understood the better image clarity even in the highest magnification. The minimum focus distance is about 1cm in case of video and photo mode.

Viewfinder – The brightness of the viewing image is controllable and it can be in 5 steps. The diopter adjustment can be set with +/- 3.5. The eye relief is 14.3mm which is better comfortable than the ones that is lower.

Interface – One cannot avoid knowing about the interface and this model gives more connectivity features for its enhanced functions. It comes with the memory card slot which allows using SD, SDHC, SDXC cards. The composite and component video out is available. The presence of USB port, headphone jack, microphone input and HDMI terminal.


The various advanced features are the image stabilisation, optical steady shot, GPS and exposure adjustment. Sony DEV-5 Zooming Digital Recording Binocular is supplied with various accessories and they are Rechargeable battery, AC adapter, power cord, large eyecup, lens cover, finder cap, neck strap, carrying case, connecting cable, USB cable, operating guide.


Manufacturer Sony
Model Name DEV-5 Digital Recording Binocular
Lens Type G Lens
Magnification 20x
Focal ratio F1.8 – F3.4
Dimension (W x H x D)mm 219 x 155 x 88mm
Weight 1.2kg
Eye relief 14.3mm
Dioptre adjustment -/+3.5
Features Record HD video
Dual Exmor R CMOS sensor
Dual G lens with max. 20x magnification
One touch zoom control
Optical steady shot active mode
3D recording
Shoot still photos
Dual electronic view finders
Adjustable eye cups
External microphone jack
Application Recording distant objects like birds, wild life, sports action
Resolution 7.1 mega pixels

Leica 40400 8-12×42 Duovid Binocular Review

The best aspect about the brand Leica is that they offer specialised sports optical products that are diversified in terms of application, design and features. They have products that even outsmart the professional ones. Like wise is Leica 40400 8-12×42 Duovid Roof Prism Binocular which is specialsed to give observation from overview to the detailed view with its dual magnification. This is sometimes better than the spotting scope. Just getting into more details about this product is in the following review.


Unique and compact are the design description which is great for the holiday use. It brings more joy of journey. It gets you excited and brings more happiness on observing the overview of the landscape and when required the detailing of the mountain top, bird watching and more. Leica 40400 8-12×42 Duovid Waterproof Binocular is black in colour and has rubber armouring. The housing is made of die cast aluminium which is a possible material to give light weight construction and also is sturdy to keep the internal mechanism protective. The dimension of this product is 120mm in width, 157mm in height and 67mm in depth. It weighs just 1045 grams.

Optical Features:

This model is been engineered in the roof prism type which has the lens coated with phase correcting P40 which gives clear and crispy images. It does have high Lux-System HLS which reduces aberration and makes a better viewing experience. There are 11 lens elements and all of these have HDC coating.

Magnification and Aperture:

The unique aspect of this model is that it gives 2 different magnifications which are 8 x and 12x which serves the purpose of both detailed and over view observation. It also gives perfect view in the supreme low light performance during which the magnification is set at 12x which gives better recognition during the early twilight and as time goes and darkness set the magnification is set at 8x which gives better depth of field and also better image brightness. The size of the objective lens is 42mm which allows more light to pass through than the ones with smaller aperture.

Ergonomic Features:

This model has patented eye pieces which two stop clicks, it is also designed for the convenient use of eye glass wearers and the eye relief is 14.5mm which is a comfortable one. Present in this model the automatic Diopter Compensation which ensures that the set position is retained even when the magnification is changed. The Diopter compensation is +/-3. The eyecups are designed in the sliding style which are also removable and works with two click stops.

This model is built with nitrogen filling which makes it fog proof. The housing is made of rubber armouring which protects from water and the water tightness is up to the depth of 5 meters. In case of the focusing system the internal focusing is through the central focusing device.

Other Technical Details:

The various supported technical details also proves that Leica 40400 8-12×42 Duovid Dual Magnification Binocular can be best chosen for professional observation and also fun is assured for the amateur. The exit pupil also supports the objective lens in the light gathering ability and it measures 5.25mm and 3.5mm. The twilight factor is 18.33mm and 22.5mm. In case of the field of view at the distance of 1000m are 118m and 90m. With regard to the close observation it makes it possible to observe as close as 3.5m.


This model is been supplied along with Neoprene carrying strap, eyepiece cover, nappa leather case.


Manufacturer Leica
Model Name 8-12×42 Duovid Binocular
Product Code 40400
Prism Type Roof prism
Magnification 8x and 12x
Diameter of Objective Lens 42 mm
Dimension(H x W x D) 157 x 120 x 67mm
Exit pupil 5.25mm/3.5mm
Field of view at 1000m 118m/90m
Close focusing 3.5 metres
Eye relief 14.5mm
Diopter adjustment +/- 3 diopter
Twilight factor 18.33/22.5
Waterproof Yes
Features Sliding eyecups
Internal focusing system
11 lens elements with HDC coating
Watertight up to 5m depth
Die-cast aluminium
Nitrogen filling and rubber armouring
Weight 1045 grams
Package contents Neoprene carrying strap, eyepiece cover, nappa leather case

Helios Quantum-4 25×100 Observation Binocular

In the sports optical segment Helios feels highly supported by its customers making it one among the leading products. Helios probably turned towards the professional application of the optical products. Helios Quantum-4 25×100 Observation Binocular gives astonishing performance for both the terrestrial and the celestial observation. Among the different models that are categorised in different series of products this model belongs to the professional type of binoculars. The following review brings out more details about this product.


This premium product is well featured with the high technical support. It is been equipped with the individual eyepiece focusing and does have a stabilizing bar that allows the device to slide on the tripod. It gets well balanced with the tripod which allows taking photography. The design is ergonomic and is made of durable material supported with the rubber armouring. This product suits both the land observation and the sky observation.

Design Details:

Well designed with the black colour housing. Helios Quantum-4 25×100 Observation Water Proof Binocular is made of metal components that tells much about the durability. Added to these is the rubber armouring which protects the device from hits and drops. The size is not compact but is portable in appearance. It weights 4.6kg and works as a simple telescope. It has nitrogen filling which makes it fog proof and is also water proof in nature.

Lens Quality:

The lens of this model is fully multi coated with the broad band coating. It has BaK4 prism with multicoating. This helps to bring in better light transmission an also gives a better contrast level and sharpness which is most required for the celestial observation. The size of the objective lens which is the aperture is 100mm and this makes it possible to gather more light than the models with lower aperture. This makes observation easy and simple.

Other Technical Details:

The field of view is 2.53 degrees and it gives a close focus of 30m. The magnification level is 25x which means the viewing object is transformed to be 25 times larger than the original size. The sleek body with the grooves to make it easy for handling helps to keep the binocular in tact even during the length observation section.

Ergonomic Features:

The nitrogen filling makes Helios Quantum-4 25×100 Observation BaK-4 Binocular fog proof and the rubber armouring makes it water proof which are a great reasons that allow long term observation even during the extreme weather conditions. The parts are made of  CNC metal components which are durable and sturdy.

Precisely this model is a high end model which can be used for dual application the land and sky. It is been supplied with the foam lined aluminium case for storage and easy carrying.

Helios Quantum-4 Specifications

Manufacturer Helios
Model Name Quantum-4 25×100 Observation Binocular
Weight 4.6kg
Prism Type BaK-4
Magnification 25x
Diameter of Objective Lens 100 mm
Focus Individual
Lens coating Fully multi coated
Close focus 30m
Rubber armouring Yes
Water proof/fog proof Yes
Tripod adapter Yes
Field of view 2.53 degree
Accessories included Foam lined aluminium storage carrying case

Praktica 8x25WA Ultra Wide Angle Binocular

Praktica has managed to give 8x25WA Ultra Wide Angle Binoculars few distinguished features which are not available in its other models. When it is designed with a bit of unique design and the technology inside that is excellent the product will hit the market and will not miss its customers. When it comes to application it is seriously practical and serves well for the general outdoor use. The following review is the more find out about this product.


Looking into only the high end models may show some features like the wide angle of view, twilight viewing and clear images but one can find these in this model. Besides the question of whether it is high end model or not. Praktica 8x25WA Bak-4 Binoculars is a great device to give you excellent light gathering effect and you may also find it compact in structure which is ergonomic to use.

Design Details:

This model has a stylish design with compact structure and easy grip to hold. It has blue with silver finish. The dioptre adjustment is present in the centre. While considering the weight of this product it is just 320grams. Too less is the pressure of handling as it comes with rubber armouring and is also water proofed finish which goes well near the waters. The rubber eyecups comfort the eyes even during the long hours of viewing.

Aperture and Magnification:

The right combination of these two technical aspects determines the functional ability of the device. This model has the objective lens which is of size 25mm in diameter and this in combination with the 8x magnification means it helps to bring out much brighter images. The prism type is BaK-4 type which is one reason for making the device compact.


The field of view is wide with 143m and the angle of view is 8.2 degrees. This ultra wide angle of view gives the binocular an edge over other models of this kind. It also helps to gather more light and permits observation even in the twilight.

The close focusing is about 2.5m that gives a better observation of even moving object. The exit pupil which is present in the centre of the objective lens measures 3.15mm which also supports in bringing out brighter images.

Rubber armouring and water proof body are few excellent features which protects the internal technology. It is also safe for rough and tough handling as it protects against the hits and bumps.

Package Contents:

Along with Praktica 8x25WA WaterProof Binoculars is included few accessories which are provided by the manufacturer and they are carry case, lanyard, soft velvet bag, lens caps and cleaning cloth.


It is been figured out that the guarantee for 2 years period makes this model more promising to the first time users.


Manufacturer Praktica
Model Name 8x25WA Ultra Wide Angle Binoculars
Prism BaK-4
Structure Compact
Weight 320 grams
Magnification 8x
Diameter of Objective Lens 25 mm
Finish Blue
Application General out door
Close focus 2.5 m
Dioptre adjustment Central
Angle of view 8.2 degree
Field of view at 1000 meters 143 metres
Rubber armouring Yes
Waterproof Yes
Exit pupil 3.15mm
Box contents Case, lanyard, soft velvet bag, lens caps, cleaning cloth
Guarantee 2 years

Bresser Nautic 8×42 Binocular Review

When it comes to optical products especially for sports you would rightfully prefer quality and durability. Bresser the global brand with a track record since 1957 delivers products with innovation ad aims to provide service that exceeds the customer expectation. The products of Nautical Series aims to gives you convenience to use in maritime, outdoor which does come with an integrated compass. The following reviews keeps you informed more on Bresser Nautic 8×42 Marine Binocular, its features and functions.


This model is specially designed for the outdoor fun which proves to be much more than just a binocular. It has integrated precision compass which makes it suitable for the marine use. The size and the dimension are compact and it is stylish with the blue colour finish which goes well with the marine application. The weight of 700 grams makes it easy for the user to carry around without the feel of weight.

Prism Type:

The optics of Bresser Nautic 8×42 Precision Compass Integrated Binocular adds up the ability to perform for the marine observation. It is been engineered with the Roof Prism which gives light weight design and the prism are of Bak-4 type which is one of the efficient type and it is been combined with the fully coated optics.

Magnification and Aperture:

The magnification power of 8x which means that this model has the ability to magnify the viewing objects which seems to be 8 times bigger than the original size. The objective lens diameter is 42mm which gathers more light into the device making the object seem brighter.

Outstanding Features:

Water resistant is of course the prime requirement for the marine objects and this model gives the required protection. It does have rubber armouring which doubles up both the protection and the holding grip.

Fully coated optics brings out high quality observation. It also reduces the aberration and makes the viewing experience fruitful. With such an optical quality one can be sure of obtaining bright and sharp images in any weather conditions.

Integrated digital compass is present in its rubber armouring which helps to locate the direction and keep going in the right way. It also displays the time and the temperature which is in no doubt to be a supportive feature. The digital compass has also the illumination to support in dark environment and for clear read out.

Twist up eye cups present in this model promises optimal eye distance setting. It is simple to use and is also productive in bringing out the best in the viewing images. Nitrogen filling makes this device fog proof and it is possible to use it any weather conditions be it the extreme of it.

Overall, Bresser Nautic 8×42 Roof Prism Binocular is impressive and it does a great deal when used for maritime and use on board. It displays temperature and time ideal for outdoor use as well. With no installation trouble this model can be put to use right out of the box.

Bresser Nautic 8×42 Specifications

Manufacturer Bresser
Model Name Nautic 8×42 Binocular
Model Number 1940842
Prism Type BaK-4, Roof prism
Magnification 8x
Diameter of Objective Lens 42 mm
Weight 700 grams
Colour Blue
Optical features Fully multicoated
Eye Relief Long
Features Water resistant
Rubber armouring
Fully coated optics
Integrated digital compass
Twist up eye cups
Nitrogen filling fog proof
Integrated and illuminated precision compass
Water proof Yes
Rubber armouring Yes
Eyepiece Adjustable, twist up
Application Ideal maritime use on board, displays temperature and time, outdoor