Alpen, a brand known for its excellence introduces a range of sports optics. They bring out products with unique style, design to suit different applications. One among its series is the dedicated models for the sports. These sports binoculars are engineered with robust structure to be used in the tough conditions. They are rather small in size and light in weight as well. The following review gives a clearer idea and more technical details about Alpen 276 10×25 Camo Compact Binocular. Overview: The uniqueness starts right from the design as it is designed to suit the environment and makes it sportive. The length of the device is 4.5 inches which is slightly longer than its previous model. It is known for it compact structure and it has a foldable design. This is a mere standard model for the starters yet gives a better portrayal of the viewing image.

Prism Type:

With the Roof prism construction, Alpen Sport 10×25 Camo Binocular makes it possible to give the compact structure. It comes with the BaK 7 lens type and better definition of the object can be obtained. The lens is coated to give better contrast levels.


The magnification power is 10x which is gives the image 10 times amplification of its actual size. This power although a basic one it serves well for the general nature observation.


The size of the objective lens is 25mm which in combination with the magnification makes it go well for general and sports observation. The aperture is the size of the objective lens which is measured diagonally.

Focus system:

The provided focus system is the centre type one of the easiest way to achieve the desired observation. The dioptre adjustment is present in the eye piece and the eye cups of this model are with the foldable design.

Other technical details:

  • This model has the exit pupil measures 2.5mm which suits best for the 25mm aperture. It also supports in bringing out the light gathering ability.
  • The eye relief is been accounted to be 10mm and although this is not a very impressive state it does not suit the spectacle wearers but goes fine with other users.
  • The eye cups are designed with the folding style and hence it promotes compactness in the size and suits travellers.


The carry case provided by the manufacturer is made of vinyl material and the neck strap provided is of standard type. This model sets a set back due to the absence of features like water/fog proof, multi coating for the lens and phase correction.


The best aspect of Alpen 276 10×25 Camo Roof Prism Binocular is the warranty offered by the manufacturer which is a no-fault, no-problem warranty for the lifetime.

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Alpen Compact 10×25 Camo Binocular – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Alpen
Model Name 10×25 Camo Binocular
Product Code 276
Prism type Roof
Prism material BaK 7
Lens coating Coated
Magnification 10x
Diameter of Objective Lens 25 mm
Eye Relief 10 mm
Field of view at 1000 yards 304 yards
Focus system Center
Length of the device 4.5 inches
Exit pupil 2.5mm
Waterproof / Fog proof No
Type of case Vinyl
Dioptre design Eyepiece
Type of neck strap Standard
Warranty No-fault, no-problem lifetime warranty